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Q.M.E. Work Related Injuries

Work Injuries

Dr.Wolff is a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the State of California. He performs through examinations on injured workers in order to determine permanent impairments & medical treatment.

Injuries at work place are very common and may be debilitating. Workplace injuries often occur because of high-risk jobs, lack of or scarcity in safety devices, lack of training, and higher numbers of manual workers.
Occupational injuries can be categorized in many ways such as injuries by nature of job, injuries related to various organs, and injuries based on severity. Injuries at work place may affect any part of the body and at times at multiple locations. Based on the body part affected, occupational injuries can be classified as injuries to head, neck, trunk, upper limbs, lower limbs, and multiple locations.

The common injuries at work place include:

  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Bone dislocations
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Injuries requiring limb amputations

Foot Care

Feet support the body weight, maintain posture and also help in movement. As the feet bear the entire weight of the body; they are more prone to injuries such as calluses, corns, cracks, rough surfaces, fungal infection and traumatic injuries.

To maintain good health of the feet, one should always wear  comfortable, good quality and proper fitting footwear.  These footwear also prevent foot injuries

Specially-designed shoe inserts, called orthoses, helps in alignment and stabilization of the feet and also reduce foot pain.

Tips for foot care

The basic instructions for maintaining beautiful and healthy feet include:

  • Wash your feet properly and also scrub them to remove the dead skin
  • Check your feet regularly for early signs of injuries such as redness, discoloration, cracks, or other abnormalities
  • Wear appropriate sized foot wear that support the arches and tendons
  • Footwear should have adequate ventilation to prevent fungal infection
  • Keep the area between the toes dry and clean
  • Cut the toenails properly and regularly
  • Never try to remove a corn, callus or ingrown toenail at home, as it can induce infection
  • Moisturize the feet properly to prevent cracks
  • While sitting for a long time, keep moving the feet and ankles at regular interval to promote circulation of blood in the feet
  • Avoid exposure of the feet to high temperature
  • Stretch your feet daily and perform foot exercises
  • Never ignore foot pain. Consult a podiatrist for appropriate treatment.
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