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I saw Dr. Wolff for a very painful condition. I did a little homework prior to making an appointment and learned that he is one of the most respected practitioners in California. I can see why. His prognostic and treatment skills are excellent and his bedside manor confers confidence and reassurance. I have complete trust in Dr. Wolff and can't recommend him more highly.

Review from C P.
San Francisco, CA

My husband's PCP referred us to Dr. Wolff after my husband fractured his foot and they took us that same day. Dr. Wolff is so nice...he addressed all our questions and took his time with us. Never felt rushed in the 2 visits we've had with him so far. He shows his patients a lot of care and compassion. An older lady was in dire pain and crying in the next patient room and we can hear how he talked to her. Would highly recommend. If there is one negative here it's the location of his office. It's far from BART and the parking lot is steep. I guess that's no different from any other medical practice in SF. But they are nice enough to call you a cab if needed...

James Z.
Oakland, CA

I hurt my foot skydiving and came to see him, for the first time. Apparently there were some snafu and the receptionist told me the appointment is actually next week, but assured me they could see me anyways, since I already dragged myself there on crutches.

Then as I was waiting this guy came out. Dressed nicely in a sports jacket, round glasses, very distinguished looking...exactly as you would picture what a doctor would look like... if you had to. That turned out was Dr. Wolff.

He asked me what happened and I told him... he then asked if I had an x-ray yet... I said no. He's like, "well... I'm on my way out to the hospital... but let me take an x-ray of you real quick."

I followed him... and he helped me hop on the x-ray machine and took two pictures. He was concerned after seeing me taking of my ACE bandage that I might actually have fractured my foot.

I just waited a little while the film developed. He came back with the x-ray and said I was lucky because he didn't see any fractures. He asked me a bunch of questions... then examined my foot. A sprain of some tendons he showed me on a chart. Then he came back with a fancy plastic velcro cast (with an air pump) for my foot and helped me put it on.

We chatted while the receptionist rang me up for the cast... he's just a very cool doc... obviously concerned for my well-being and very knowledgeable. I just feel like I can trust him.

I'll be seeing him again in two weeks for a follow up.

The problem with reviews, especially of doctors, is that people only write something if they had a really bad experience.

But from my experience, Dr. Wolff is one of the best doctors I've visited. And yes... he does use film for x-rays... he held mine up. That x-ray machine looked like it was made in the 70s, but since I don't have one at home... I'll take whatever x-ray machine he has.

I'm absolutely confident Dr. Wolff will make me better so I can jump out of planes again.

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