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What are the Causes of Nail Fungus Infection?

PinPointe FootLaserNail fungus infections typically originate from fungi, such as yeasts and molds. In most cases, the fungal infections are caused by a specific group of fungi called dermatophytes. These fungi can live in the layer of dead skin around your nails.

The infection can be a result of family history of susceptibility, increasing age, poor health conditions, nail trauma, climate (warm, moist), exposure to infected nails (sports/ fitness and communal bathing areas), and tight shoes.

Infected nails become discolored, thickened and brittle, and in some cases, can interfere with daily activities.

Treatment for Nail Fungus Infection

The treatment of nail fungi is difficult. The infection lives under and inside of the nail and most treatments cannot effectively reach and destroy the infection. Now, laser technology is available to specifically target the fungi and provide patients new clear nail growth.

Treatment results are heavily dependent on patient compliance. It is important to follow your provider's post-treatment protocol to minimize the chance of re-infection.

What is PinPointe FootLaserâ„¢?

PinPointe is the first clinically proven laser to provide temporary improvement in clear nail growth in a single visit with none of the adverse effects seen with topical and oral alternatives.

During treatment, the laser light targets and destroys the fungi without causing damage to the nails or the surrounding skin. Most patients feel only warmth during the treatment. The entire procedure, treating both feet, requires less than 30 mintues.

Although the infection is treated by the laser, improvement in the nail appearance is seen as the nail grows out, which takes about 4-6 months. The amount of nail improvement you may experience is dependent upon your individual circumstances and should be discussed with your doctor.

Clinical studies show that after a single treatment, more than 71% of patients treated experience sustained improvement in new, clear nail growth.*

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Cynosure's PinPointe Laser is a leap forward for nail fungus treatment. Cynosure lasers have been used to treat aesthetic concerns ranging from the appearance of aging skin to removing pigmentations for more than twenty years.


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